What is Vacupower Method

It is a machine that combines two much known and widely acceptable methods in the area of exercise and beauty, respectively.
The aerobic exercise and the sub-pressure or as usually refer the Vacu.

Important point of attention constitutes that we do not speak for sub-pressure conditions, neither for exercise to conditions with lack of gravity, as perhaps some other people says or they have already says. The reason for that is because the body is inside the sub-pressure from under the waist-also including the treadmill in which walk-but the body from the waist and above, like our hands, trunk and head they are in the “naturally” environment with the natural oxygen concision.

Consequently, we do not breathe air of different density and content, as it would be supposed it happens if we are in different conditions.
The aerobic exercise in the Vacu Power offers with the simplest and easier way for any person, with walk.

Method Benefits

With application of the Vacu Power method, we were profited multiple, because:

  • It black out the cellulites and the local thickness
  • It decreases the regions and re-defines the figure of body
  • It decreases swelling and the fluid detentions
  • It increases the energy cost, that is to say, increases the consumptions of calories
  • It increases the metabolism
  • It improves the operation of cardiovascular system
  • It improves the physical condition
  • It improves the respiratory operation
  • It offers positive effect in the osteoporosis
  • It offers positive effect in the functional rehabilitation after injury
  • It offers positive effect in the sculpting of hips and legs

Results in the human body, after use Vacupower

Results in slimming,cellutite and body shaping of men and woman, after use VacuPower:

Cellulitis is a problem that afflicts most women in certain parts of their body (thighs, buttocks etc) by progressively impairing the microcirculation.Cellulitis tends to grogress very slowly, starting usually with a dilatation of the capillaries (blood stasis), and usually areas with these problems are colder than the others.

It is useful ,therefore,if you want to check whether you have cellulites in a particular part of your body , to use a method that shows up these temperature differences. Contact thermography employing encpsuled liquid crystals (ELC) is the ideal method. It is easy and rapid in use, repeatable and above all harmless.

Results in cellulite with the measure of thermographic method ,in 4 weeks with the use of Vacupower.
Women in the 4th stage of cellulite after 4 weeks became in the 3rd stage of cellulite and women in the 3rd stage of cellulite became in the 2nd or 1st stage of cellulite


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  1. 1 What becomes in the first application?

    Firstly before the first application become measurements in the circumference of waist, abdomen and thighs (right and left) and also measurement the weight of body.

    Depending on the particular needs of each case, perhaps it needs to become more extensive measurements, as measurement of pressure, measurement of resting cardiac pulse, fat measurement and measurement of the basic metabolic rate, measurement of VO2max, measurement of cellulites type and level and the level of elasticity and/or hydration of the skin.

    Also, are calculated the parameters those that will render the method extremely effective for the reason that you want to use the machine. As an example, the speed of treadmill, the grade of this, the cardiac pulse at the duration of application and of course the type and the suitable intensity of sub-pressure that will be selected, are most of those reasons.

  2. 2 Which is the difference of Vacupower with the other type of exercise?

    The difference of Vacu Power method compared to only an aerobic exercise or with the application with only sub-pressure-if we suppose that we can apply all of the above individually and with the same characteristically-is that beneficial profits from the unblocking and finally increasing of lymphatic system, the biochemical environment of our body mobilizes fatty-acids in the blood circulation, from our fat-deposits.

    Giving the body the conditions that are required, as the using “fuel” is fat and it’s belong from the fat-deposit. But something like that, to becomes, is required movement, that is to say, walking. 

  3. 3 Which sense has somebody when it makes Vacupower?


    The sense at the duration of application is the similar with that has somebody that walks inside the sea and concretely when the sea is found in the middle of the body.
    Afterwards the first application the sense that we have is already particularly pleasant, while feels light, detentions of fluid, eased, while are not the few times and the cases of persons that even in first applications feel the first beneficial results from the application of method.

  4. 4 Should I make also certain other exercise before and/or afterwards Vacupower?


    No. It does not need certain other exercise in combination with Vacu Power. Concretely before the application we can, if we want, to make any exercise we like. Afterwards the application and just if we wish it, we can make anything, if it is not intense and exhaustive.Any type of soft exercise, that would not cause feeling of “burn” in our muscles and it does not reach in points of “weakness of continuation”, we can make it.

  5. 5 Who can use Vacupower?


    All that they wants to acquire some or all of the profits, that proven it offers the method in their organism and in their body, is at least 18 years and does not have something from below, they are considered and are suitable for the application of method.

    Suitable and considered of the method are all persons, except if:
    they have certain circulatory disturbance as hypotension, hypertension or are patients and are found at the duration of treatment, they are found in period of pregnancy, they suffer from epilepsy or certain cardiologic illness, they bring pacemaker, they suffer from acute phlebitis, they have open wound in their body.

  6. 6 Can women in the lactation period make Vacupower?

     Yes. Doesn’t exist contraindication for the women in the lactation period, except if it’s in effect something different in concrete case. In any case, needs the approval of their personal doctor.

  7. 7 Can use Vacupower women at the duration of the monthly period?


    If the woman has energy and feels well at the duration of the monthly period, she can freely use the method.
    Simply it has been observed that the women avoid the method at the duration the three (3) first days of their period.

  8. 8 Can individuals with inclination in the “fracture of vessels” and “capillary” use Vacupower?


    Yes. It is however important they do not exceed in the sub-pressure 20mbar, at the duration of application. Each person knows and he can also observe the situation of skin and his veins, before the beginning of applications. If it is observed any change of situation, the application should be interrupted.

  9. 9 Can individuals that suffer from varicose vein use Vacupower?

    It is essential they take the consent of their doctor. In most cases the applications are allowed, with the condition they do not exceed in sub-pressure 20mbar, in each application.

  10. 10 A person must have a good physical shape to follow the method Vacupower?

    No you do not need to have good physical condition. In vacupower you follow the most natural everyday motion……..the walking motion !

  11. 11 How do I find my personal aerobic zone in Vacupower?


    To find your individual aerobic training zone first remove your age (in years) fromthe number 220. This is the maximum heart rate that you should never beovercome. To determine the aerobic zone initially multiply the maximum heart ratewith the number 0.55 (lower limit) and then with the number 0.85 (upper limit).These pulses will be located to the lower limit if you are leading a sedentary life and an upper limit if you are fit.

  12. 12 How cholesterol affects by walking on a treadmill in Vacupower?


    To walk on a treadmill contributes significantly to increasing good (HDL)cholesterol and reduce total cholesterol. Lowers lipids and blood triglycerides.Maintains the elasticity of blood vessels by preventing the deposition ofatherosclerotic plaque.

  13. 13 There is a perfect time during the day for the use of Vacupower?

    Walk in the morning on an empty stomach, having been drinking only water. When you wake up after a good sleep, you have accumulated enough energy to power anaerobic exercise 30 minutes. This time because you have not eaten for 8 hours or more you will burn more calories from the fat stores. Moreover, starting the day with aerobic exercise will feel all the rest of the day full of energy - if after you eat a proper breakfast.

  14. 14 What is better to eat before exercise in vacupower and what next?

    Before the session: Carbohydrates

    The fat can be burned only if there are available carbohydrates "

    Eat foods rich in carbohydrates 2 to 4 hours before the session.

    After the session: Proteins not fat

    During each session of vacupower fat is "burned" . Therefore, it is important not to consume foods rich in fat and carbohydrates after the session . Eat a meal high in protein.

    In the middle days

    To keep your metabolism high, follow a healthy, balanced diet with small and frequent meals.

  15. 15 Between the Vacupower and a treadmill what is the difference in the calories we burn?

    Walking as type of aerobic exercise, is the most suitable type for the Vacu Power method, while is the first kinetic activity that the person learns (afterwards creeping, of course!) and consequently it is the “nearest” exercise for all persons,

    it has the less contraindications as type of exercise, compared to any other aerobic exercise and finally, as method of aerobic exercise it offers in the process of sub-pressure the more suitable conditions, in order that this can act on our body.
    So, we have an aerobic activity that becomes more calorific from the sub-pressure, that is to say to consume more calories than those that we would consume if we made the same aerobic exercise with the same characteristically but without the sub-pressure or for the precision, as the studies shown, without the particular sub-pressure of Vacu Power.By the studies, the advantage in this case, oscillates between 30% up to 40%. It’s causing us the combustion of more calories at 30-40%, compared to that we would consume without the existence of Vacu Power sub-pressure.
    From the other, the sub-pressure causes the awake and accordingly the increase of circulation of lymphatic system in our body.

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