1. 1 2003 - Vacu Power is created

    A search for advanced body-sculpting solutions and treatments to maintain health and beauty results in the development of the Vacu Power. A panel of health care professionals, fitness experts and technologists designed this new, revolutionary system. The Vacu Power is the product of an innovative combination of a cardio treadmill and a sub-pressure capsule. The innovative Vacu Power training is an effective and harmonious fusion of vacuum therapy and physical exercise. In 2002, the prototype Vacu Power is launched and received enthusiastically on the German market. In response to the enormous interest in the new system, batch production of Vacu Power units begins. The amazing results the system ensures soon translate into growing confidence in the Vacu Power among the customers of fitness clubs, hotels, biological regeneration centres, beauty studios and healthcare institutions.

  2. 2 2004 - International sales network is established

    The Vacu Power is a widely-acclaimed, advanced body-sculpting method, which enjoys enormous popularity and recognition on international markets. Its therapeutic effects ensure health-related benefits, improved figure and greater vitality to thousands of people worldwide. The Vacu Power – a product of cutting-edge technology to serve health and beauty – is already present in Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, and Bangkok.

  3. 3 2006 – Innovative solutions & premium quality – a new model

    In 2006, the latest Vacu Power V-4000 model has its world debut. The model features a new design and novel technological solutions, becoming an attractive offer in the active wellness equipment market.

  4. 4 2008 - New models for more demanding customers

    In 2008 , new models with different desing and top electronic equipment on come to satisfy the most demanding customers.Vacupower V 5000 and Vacupower T 8000

  5. 4 2015 - New machine, new logo,20 new vacu programs

    Year 2015 after years of many investigations ,studies and tests new machine vacupower is on the market with the innovation of 20 new vacu programs ,new design and new logo. The innovation in subpressure is that is working interval and alternant having main goal the most spectacular results in body sculpting. However the development of vacupower method and vacupower machine in all areas has caused the absolute specialization and the ultimate result!

Vision & Values

Our mission

Ever since the establishment of our company in 1997, our business has focused on dynamic growth, versatility and the development of innovative products that would meet the highest quality standards.

A singular care for detail, extensive range of services which ensure full satisfaction of our clients, cutting-edge technologies, and above all, premium quality of our products are the priorities which have earned us the leading position in the market of spa and wellness units based on sub-pressure technology. 


VACUPOWER will continue its efforts to extend its product range, improve the quality of services it renders as well as develop marketing activities in order to ensure full satisfaction of our existing and prospective clients. We are going to continue our co-operation with the R&D department to offer innovative equipment up to the highest standards.

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